Polaris is now available!

These songs were written in 2015. And it’s quite a journey they’ve had since then. There were many points in the recording process where I’ve had to calibrate myself to what I had set out to do with this music. And because three of the songs on this EP also work for me as a guiding light, I decided to call this one Polaris.

Every individual involved in this EP has been incredibly supportive of the music, which is how it has made it this far.

I can say for certain that I would not have managed without them, especially Saili Malpani, Nikhil Mawkin, Ananddev Banerjee, Arjun Sagar Gupta and Arsha Vincent, all of whom have been there with their support right from the beginning till the end.

Polaris is now available on almost all popular platforms. If it isn’t on one that you like, feel free to drop me a message.

All I can say now, is I hope you enjoy the music.

  1. Who I Am Akash Vincent 5:48
  2. Free Akash Vincent 5:26
  3. Troublesome Akash Vincent 3:51
  4. Anyway Akash Vincent 4:30
  5. Circles Akash Vincent 5:48


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Fabio Carlucci – trumpet
Rie Ona – saxophone
Utsav Lal – piano
Aman Mahajan- keyboard
Nawahineokala’i Lanzilotti – cello
Abhinav Khokhar – bass
Nikhil Mawkin – drums
Chayan Adhikari – backing voice

Produced by Akash Vincent
Co-produced by Nikhil Mawkin
Mixed and co-produced by Gaurav Chintamani
Mastered by Steve Nagasaki, Nagasaki sound
Trumpet, guitars and cello recorded at The Piano Man Jazz Club by Ananddev Banerjee
Vocals recorded at Quarter Note Studios by Gaurav Chintamani

Artworks by Nandini Bansal

All songs written by Akash Vincent