Postcards EP now available!

A big thank you to all the ones who supported this! Postcards is finally here. It is currently up for free download on Bandcamp, SoundCloud and CDBaby. You can also find it on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

2014 was definitely quite a year! Hope you enjoy my gift for the new year and may it keep you warm through this winter 🙂

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POSTCARDS is penned in four songs:
1. Taking Over
2. Seasons
3. Entangled
4. She

Drums: Nikhil Mawkin
Bass: Abhinav Khokhar
Trumpet: Rohit Gupta
Cello: Nāwa Lanzilotti
Guitar, vocals and songwriting: Akash Vincent

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Red Mawkin’s Studio.

Photographs: Tarun Sharma